Randall’s Arch

The Archway that you see before you may look as if it has been here since time immemorial but it was originally built in the 1780s over a kilometre to the north at Wiswalls, just north of the present day Woodlands Business Park, as an imposing entrance to Haydock Lodge, the home of the Legh family. 

It was re-erected here in 1840 to serve as a centrepiece of Newton’s revived market. Newton Nursery lay behind The Archway and subsequently it became part of that establishment, with the eastern wing being converted to a dwelling for the proprietors, John Randall and Son. In 2001 it became part of the restaurant that you see today.

Police Station

The Former Magistrates Court (opposite) was built in 1899 as the Police Station, it then became the Magistrates Court until conversion to a bedroom furniture shop in the late 1980s. The building is currently residential flats.

158 and 160 High St

158 and 160 High Street are a pair of very old cottages that were vacant for many years, but were finally renovated in 1990. No 158 originally had a thatched roof which caught fire in 1908 and again in 1920. Subsequently it was covered with ugly corrugated sheets.

The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree Public House (at the top end of High Street) was formerly the Royal Oak, one of the oldest in town and older than its exterior would indicate.